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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: May 22, 2020

HPE Goes After the Red-Hot VDI Market Stoked by Pandemic - The company says its latest hyperconverged infrastructure appliance doubles the amount of virtual desktops it can support.

And Then There Was One: How Vantage Outpaced NGD - The two companies had a similar start, but one skyrocketed, while the other plateaued. Silicon Valley trumped London in a next-generation takeover.

Microsoft Says It’s Built a Top-Five Supercomputer in the Cloud for AI - Future machine learning models will be enormous. The OpenAI system shows that hyperscale cloud platforms can take them on.

Octarine Acquisition to Boost VMware’s Kubernetes Security Play - The acquisition reflects a broader shift in cybersecurity, driven by containerization.

COVID-19: Five Recommendations for Enterprise IT Leaders - Here are the areas to focus IT resources on to deal with the challenges the pandemic has created.



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