About Us

An Industrialized Data Center Infrastructure Company

A Company Founded and Advised by Inventors of the Modular Data Center industry and backed by Strategic Global Partnerships for Success. RakworX Data Centers has the Most Real World Industry Experience, Leads the World in Efficiency, Employs True Expandability On Demand, and Supports the Most Globally Diverse Deliveries that Span the Spectrum of Extreme Environmental Conditions.


Be the world leader in Industrialized Data Center Infrastructure and Modular Data Center design, delivery, and service.


Design, deliver, and support the world’s most energy efficient, innovative, green Data Centers that increase customer business value, reduce time to market, and lower total cost of ownership.

Key Differentiation

What makes the RakworX MDC Program different?
  • Innovative designs that are still years ahead of the competition
  • Inherent design-to-order capabilities
  • Recognized as the only MDC with true Expandability
  • RakworX has the most MDC Experience, with the only employees and partners who designed and delivered the first truly modular enterprise data center
  • Capable of Turn-Key data center delivery based on customer requirements
    • We listen to customer requirements and deliver what they want vs. forcing them into a box
    • We can customize with off-the-shelf components because we devised a standard set of options based on customer feedback
    • We support inclusion of customer products to match existing infrastructure
    • Our extensive partner network can design and deliver custom infrastructure solutions