Metered & Switched PDU AP5003-3606

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RakworX Metered Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide active metering to enable energy optimization and circuit protection. User-defined alarm thresholds mitigate risk with real-time local and remote alerts to warn of potential circuit overloads. Metered Rack PDUs provide power utilization data to allow Data Center Managers to make informed decisions on load balancing and right sizing IT environments to lower total cost of ownership. Users can access and configure Metered Rack PDUs through secure Web, SNMP, or Telnet Interfaces which are complimented by RakworX Centralized Management platforms using Data Center Expert, Operations, Capacity, and Energy Efficiency. AP5000 series Metered Rack PDUs include real power monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC receptacles, and ultra-low profile circuit breakers.

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Product Description

AP5000 Series Metered rack Power  Distribution Units (PDUs)  provide real-time remote  monitoring of connected loads.

User-defined alarms warn of  potential circuit overloads  before critical IT failures  occur.

  • IEC60950 industrial  standard PDU
  • Multiple locking IEC socket
  • Socket color management
  • Compact size, only 50mm
  • Optional sensor, rich  function expansion
  • Remote detection PDU
  •  Accurate measurement of  embedded operating  system, intelligent control.
  • Work with centralized  control platform perfectly  compatible
Technical Specifications
Nominal output voltage: 200-240V
Maximum total current draw: 32A
Output connections: IEC C13[36]+C19[6]
Nominal input voltage: 200-240V
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input connections: IEC309 or NEMA plug
Cord length: 3M
Number of power cords: 1
Maximum input current: 16A
Operating environment: 0-45°C
Operating relative humidity: 0-95%
Storage relative humidity: 0-95%
Operating elevation: 0-3000 meters
Storage temperature: -25-65°C
Storage elevation: 0-15000 meters
Maximum height: 50
Maximum width: 55
Maximum depth: 1700
Net weight: 7.5KGS
Color: black
Sustainable Offer Status
RoHS: Compliant
CE: Compliant
SGS: Available in download

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