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RakworX is dedicated to meet different customer demand based on the principle of environment protection. The high density cabinet provides a brand new platform to customers. With its feasible installation design, convenient layouts, adjustable vertical frames, diverse top panels, front doors and casters, delicate design and craftsmanship, the cabinet system is a wonderful option for customers to set up their data center quickly without compromising the quality.

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Product Description

RakworX RCS® Features & Benefits

Convenience and Simple

Simple Selection RakworX has made it easy for choosing from and compiling dozens of part numbers to create a single rack. Optional flatpacking make all parts well pre-mounted and make assembly simpler &easier.
Quick release doors Front door can be changed to the opposite side or interchanged with rear doors. Doors can be easily removed by simple lift-off.
Half-height side panels Half-height side panels make suitable size and weight for easy handling and mounting to rack. Side panels are lockable utilizing same key with the doors
Eyebolt support integrated into frame Integrated eyebolt holes at the top of the rack frame allow the rack to be lifted for movement and placement using eyebolt lift machines.·
Cable access opening in roof Large cable access knock-out holes in the roof provides access for overhead cable entry and provisions for air containment. The bottom design allows for unobstructed cable access through a raised floor.
Perforated front and rear doors Perforated front door and rear doors provide ample ventilation for severs and networking equipment.. Front door perforated area is optimized with a curved profile to provide greater surface area and allowance of more perforation coverage and higher perforation ratings
Hardware provided All racks are provided standard with hardware bag that includes hardware for mounting IT equipment.
Easily removable cable access roof Roof can be simple removed with pull-pin hinges for access during equipment installation or even with cabling already in place and routed through the cable openings. And the roof is reversible to reposition the larger cable openings for power distribution plugs and connectors.
Equipment mounting rails integrate with patch cabling systems Equipment mounting rails include zero U mounting holes beside the EIA 19″ mounting space which allow the installation of Data Distribution Cable patch systems without taking up any critical equipment U-space.


Integrated baying hardware Rack includes pre-installed baying hardware to join racks in a row and provide additional stability to rack. The pre-installed baying hardware includes holes for joining rack at 600MM centers or 24” centers depending on the floor layout
Castors and adjustable leveling feet Racks are shipped standard with both leveling feet and castors. Leveling feet can be quickly adjusted through the use of a screwdriver or drill
Perforated split rear doors The split rear doors help to maximize floor space and need small room for door swing
Adjustable mounting rails The vertical mounting rails can be adjusted for various depth IT equipment. Clear U position are numbered front and back for rapid installation of equipment
Full height accessory channels The full height accessory channel provides tool-free installation for accessories without occupying U space


EIA-310 Compatibility with all EIA-310 compliant 19” equipment
Compatible with RakworX accessories Compatibility with a variety of RakworX accessories to provide the ability to create a complete rack system.

Stability and Safety

Integrated grounding The roof, side panels and front and rear doors are grounded to the frame.
Structural stability Heavy –duty frame, mounting rails and casters provide for 1500KGS static and 1200KGS dynamic loading ratings
Technical Specifications
Maximum Height: 2133.5mm
Maximum Width: 750mm
Maximum Depth: 1200mm
Rack Height: 45U
Net Weight: 140kgs
Shipping Weight: 160kgs
Shipping Height: 2283mm
Shipping Width: 750mm
Shipping Depth: 1200mm
Color: Black
Maximum Mounting Depth: 918.5mm
Minimum Mounting Depth: 190.5mm
Rack Width: 19”
Weight Capacity: 1200kgs(dynamic load)
Weight Capacity: 1500kgs(static load)
Protection Class: IP20
Approvals: UL2416, UL60950-1
Sustainable Offer Status
RoHS: Compliant
CE: Compliant
SGS: Available in download

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Technical Specifications

1200mm x 1300mm x 500mm

RCS750 Cabinet