Vertical Cable Manager with covers RM88001

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Cable management accessory can help eliminate cable stress and maintain a neat, organized cable layout within an enclosure or a rack. Cables can be routed horizontally on the front or back of the 19-inch EIA enclosure.


Product Description

RakworX RM88001 Horizontal Cable Organizer IU

Features & Benefits

Cable management with fingers Have smooth plastic fingers at 1U increments to allow patch cords to access in an organized manner
Backplate optimized for accessories Backplate holes for toollessly mounting accessories and airflow management brush stripes to allow cable pass-through while restricting airflow through the opennings
High capacity cable finger design Cable managers high capacity slim cable fingers to provide maximum capacity at every rackspace unit and a rigid design to eliminate deflection when cables are routed of the cable manager channel
Left or right covers Covers install quickly without tools and include two easy to use latches that allow the cover to open to the left or right. The covers hide the cabling to keep the enclosure space neat and clean for future maintenance.
Secure cabling Secure cabling inside the cable manager with the provided snap hinge cable retainers that open to the left or right.
Technical Specifications
Maximum Height: 1778mm
Maximum Width: 97mm
Maximum Depth: 160mm
Net Weight: 4kgs
Shipping Weight: 5kgs
Shipping Height: 2030mm
Shipping Width: 850mm
Shipping Depth: 505mm
Color: Black
Sustainable Offer Status
RoHS: Compliant
CE: Compliant
SGS: Available in download

RM88014 Drawing